Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update on the Philip Marlowe Update

Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog - film: A renaissance for Chandler's knight of the mean streets

Exec producing will be Daniel H Blatt, Bailey and Chorion crime properties honcho Phil Clymer, who has in the past been instrumental in keeping the Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple Christie brands up with the times. According to Clymer, an ongoing dialogue has been taking place with Elliott Gould, who starred in Robert Altman's 1973 version of The Long Goodbye, with a view to the actor possibly reprising the part as an older and possibly none-the-wiser Marlowe walking the backlit streets of modern California. Gould still refers to his character in Altman's film as "my guy".

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Cap'n Bob said...

Say it ain't so.

Anonymous said...

I worship at the shrine of Altman more than most, but not for that movie (just ask Mike Connelly for my opinion) and can only echo Cap'n Bob, Please, God, no.


Juri said...

Someone says in a comment that it could be Ron Perlman.. C'mon! Why's everybody forgetting that Chandler intended his Marlowe to look good. Bogart is the one that has come close in that (and maybe James Garner), but they are too rugged for what Chandler had in mind. He thought of Cary Grant, who on the other hand would've been too handsome for viewers.

So, maybe it could be Clive Owen.

Unknown said...

I thought Powers Boothe looked pretty good.