Saturday, December 23, 2006

Beautiful Babes in The Big Sleep

Jaime Weinman's interesting take on The Big Sleep, with clips:

Something Old, Nothing New: The Babes of The Big Sleep

I asserted in a previous post that Howard Hawks's movie version of The Big Sleep "comes off as Hawks's excuse to feature as many beautiful women as possible." With the help of easily-embeddable video (the godsend for the lazy entertainment blogger), I don't have to limit this to a simple assertion. Here are some examples of why the real subjects of The Big Sleep is a) beautiful women and b) the surprising tendency of said beautiful women to be attracted to Humphrey Bogart.

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Anonymous said...

Another tropism I've never quite grasped...that Malone, for example, is much better-looking without her glasses. Now, if one has thick, distorting lenses...that's another matter...

Unknown said...

Malone looks great with or without glasses. I love that scene.