Saturday, December 23, 2006

It was New to Me, Too

Art Scott sends the review in the photo, along with the following note: "Browsing through old volumes of Records in Review, I ran across the attached review from High Fidelity, 1961. A.F. is the distinguished critic/musicologist Alfred Frankenstein. Aniara may be old news to '60s scifi veterans, but it was new to me. The librettist certainly had the opera basics down pat: ludicrous plot, ridiculous characters, everybody dies in the end."

If you click on the image, it should be readable.


Anonymous said...

In a recent whiparound survey of first recordings one had purchased on a discussion list, I mentioned that the first and only commercially-prepared open-reel tape I bought, second hand, was a recording of ANIARA and some of the music used in 2001. Probably a London release, perhaps DG. Not the most memorable musical experience of my young life, and the tape is long gone, I suspect...not that I have an open-reel deck to play it on (my father used to).

Anonymous said...

How odd it feels to see my own language describedas "piuant and interesting". I wonder if that's how my own mid-northern accent sounds.

That last quote means "a land of milk and honey", btw.