Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It Ain't Me, Babe.

It's some Other Guy. Trust me.

WTVQ 36 - Lexington, KentuckyNews - Missing Person's Case Still Unsolved: "A four year old missing person's case is still unsolved.

Lexington police are no longer working this case alone.

During the last year they have been getting help from the F.B.I.

32 year old Joyce Gaines Crider was last seen alive on the evening of october 27th, 2002 when she told a friend she was going to go talk with her estranged husband, Bill Crider.

After that, she was never seen or heard from again. There were no phone or bank records indicating she was on the move.

Joyce's family isn't giving up hope that she will be found and justice will be served.

'I know the Fayette County Police are on it. I know there are others involved. I know it is looked at virtually on a daily basis by law enforcement agencies. We talk regularly with police. This is not something that is going away. They are going to take care of us,' says Joyce's brother, Mike Gaines.

They are taking the positive approach that every day they are one day closer to finding her and getting answers.

Police ask that anyone who may know anything about this case to call them, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

The smallest piece of information could be all it takes to solve this four year old mystery."


Anonymous said...

That's right. And OJ didn't do it, though he's going to tell how he would have done it if he had done which of course he didn't do. Right.

Cap'n Bob said...

You Bluebeard, you! Run, Judy, before he strikes again!

Livia J Washburn said...

Let me guess -- James made you do it.

Unknown said...