Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bigfoot Update (and a Shameless Plug)

Thanks to Vince Keenan for the link.

Report of strange animal draws Bigfoot hunters: "WEST BEND - The jury is still out as to the identity of a large creature spotted near Station Way in the town of Erin on Nov. 9.

At around 1 a.m., a man contracted to pick up animal carcasses for the state Department of Natural Resources stopped his truck on Highway 167, about a third of a mile east of Station Way to load a deer. As he sat in the cab filling out the necessary paperwork, he felt the truck rock and checked his mirror, seeing an animal reaching for the doe with its front paws.

The incident, which some suggest could have involved Bigfoot, touched off a media frenzy, bringing in hunters from as far away as California."


Anonymous said...

Shameless is as shameless does...whatever that means. Anyhow, this should make the world realize you knew what you were doing when you wrote that plot. Hope your book sells a million, I enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Lonnie. Even half a million would be okay.