Thursday, May 18, 2006

So what does Patricia Cornwell Think?

DNA hints at Jill the Ripper | | The Australian: "DNA hints at Jill the Ripper
By Jade Bilowol
May 17, 2006
JACK the Ripper could well be a Jill.

In a bid to crack the identity of one of the greatest murder mysteries of all time, technology developed in Australia has tested 118-year-old DNA the notorious serial killer may have left behind and built a partial female profile. Scientist Ian Findlay today said the partial profile had been created from saliva possibly from the Ripper on the back of stamps on the envelopes of letters sent to London police."


Carl V. Anderson said...

That would be an interesting twist!

Brent McKee said...

It's not a new theory - it's right up there with the Duke of Clarence (although he was out of London for several of the crimes) and an assortment of royal retainers. As I recall the usual "Jill the Ripper" theory has the woman being an abortionist serving the prostitute trade who got to like the blood a bit too much. I'm though that someone somewhere would be all to happy to advance the theory that it was Queen Victoria herself (lol).