Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy 100th Birthday, Bruce Bennett!

Bruce Bennett (or Herman Brix, if you prefer) is 100 years old today. I remember him as Kioga of the Wilderness, Tarzan, and a few dozen other characters, most notably James Cody in Treasure of the Sierra Madre. He appeared in serials (Daredevils of the Red Circle), TV shows, and movies for many, many years. I hope he's still in good health and that he has a great day.


glen davis said...

Brix was an excellent Tarzan, better than Wesmuller, IMO, and Kioga was a darn good serial.

He also won an Olympic gold medal in the shotput.

Anonymous said...

SILVER medal in the 1928 Olympics.

He also played for Washington against Alabama in the 1927(?) ROSE BOWL