Saturday, May 20, 2006

Paperback Exhibit

Thanks to a tip from the author of the article below, Judy and I had a look at this exhibit a couple of weeks ago. Some nice books, but nothing like the collection at the Crider manse, of course. | UH paperback collection follows 150-year history: "Ten-cent thrills on exhibit
UH paperback collection follows 150-year history

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Paperback books were not always as ubiquitous as hardcovers. A small exhibit at M.D. Anderson Library on the University of Houston's central campus uses about 100 paperbacks to track the history of paperbound books from the mid-1800s to the present.

Modern paperback history is usually dated from 1935, with the introduction of Penguin paperbacks in England, or 1939, with the first Pocket Books editions in the United States.

The Penguins, Pulps and Pretty Ladies exhibit at UH uses a broader definition to trace paperbound-publishing history back to cheap booklets that we would call pamphlets."

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