Sunday, November 29, 2009

Broadway Is My Beat

Another old radio show with great intros is Broadway is My Beat. Listen to a few minutes of just about any show at the link, and you'll hear some of the best mood-setting purple prose around.

Broadway Is My Beat - Free Shows - Listen Now!


  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Yes, a great intro. One of the best. But my all time favorite will always be Jack Webb's "Pat Novak for Hire."

    Bill Khemski

  2. That's a great show, and it proves Webb could do comedy. I'll see if I can link some of those shows tomorrow.

  3. You know, both these series have been recently included in the WAMU THE BIG BROADCAST that I tend to mention around...

  4. for the audio archive till 6 December's show starts playing (also the link on my name, in this comment)

    November 29
    7:00p Johnny Dollar
    09/28/56 The Meg's Palace Matter Pt. 5 (Sus.)(CBS)(14:38)
    7:15p Vic & Sade
    10/27/42 Vic Gets Stuck Picking A Xmas Gift for the Boss (Crisco)(NBC)(12:38)
    7:30p Dragnet
    05/11/54 #247 Big Look (NBC)(27:05)
    8:00p Gunsmoke
    03/13/60 #414 Unloaded Gun (CBS)(24:25)
    8:30p Philip Marlowe
    10/03/48 The Persian Slippers (Sus.)(CBS)(29:40)
    9:00p Man Called X
    04/24/47 Mr. Messler and the Insurance(Frigidaire/General Motors)(CBS)(27:10)
    09:30p Frank Race
    12/11/49 Adventure of the Kandy Killing (Synd)(26:26)
    10:00p Lux Radio Theater
    12/20/48 Miracle on 34th Street (Lux)(CBS)(59:50)