Friday, August 04, 2017

The Hampton Beach Tapes -- Jed Power

Jed Power delivers the tough-guy goods again as his Xanax-popping protagonist, Dan Marlowe, finds himself accused of distributing child porn on Hampton Beach.  He's innocent, of course, but in the eyes of one cop, he's the main suspect.  So there's nothing for Dan to do but somehow clear his name.  Not an easy task, and it involves death threats to him and those he loves, a mysterious "Old Man" who seems to be running things but whom no one seems to know anything about, a rock star, a junkie stripper, and porn film makers.  People begin to die, and Dan's life gets even more complicated as the Old Man proves capable of manipulating almost every aspect of life along the beach. 

Fans of the series will welcome the return of its continuing characters, as well as a couple of somewhat surprising returns of characters in slightly different roles.  Check it out.

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