Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Overlooked Movies -- Rock, Rock, Rock!

I saw Rock, Rock, Rock! in the theater back in the olden days.  Nobody in a little East Texas town went to see movies like this for the plot, which involves buying a strapless evening dress.  We went to see them because of the rock stars who lip-synched their records.  Some of the stars were greats, and some we'd never heard of and would never hear of again.  If you watch the trailer, you can see why.  Alan Freed even does some alleged singing along with his band on "Rock and Roll Boogie."  Yikes.

The good news about the "plot" is that the movie stars 13-year-old Tuesday Weld, who's already too good for this kind of thing.  She lights up the screen every time she appears.  Her singing voice was dubbed by the instantly recognizable Connie Francis, who's listed in the credits.

Watching movies like this gives me an instant jolt of nostalgia. It wouldn't work for anybody who wasn't a Old Person, I'm sure, but for me it worked just fine.


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

We watched it again a few years ago, and by any standard of taste it isn't good. But how can you resist Tuesday and the music?

Cap'n Bob said...

I miss the old days.

Tom Johnson said...

I remember seeing it at the theater in Wichita Falls. Don't remember which theater, however. I do remember Tuesday Weld, though. I've got a bunch of these taped from TCM years ago, not sure if this one is among them, but may check after reading Bill's commentary. We went to see these old movies back then because of the Rock stars, of course. There was no such thing as videos on TV back then, you either caught them live, saw them in Freed's movies, and just listened to the songs on radio. In Wichita Falls we had Snuff Garrett's radio show to listen to, and he played the best.