Thursday, April 27, 2017

You Want Scary? This Is Scary.

A 30 Second Visual Guide To The Opioid Epidemic In America


Jeff Meyerson said...

Very scary. When Jackie had her knee replacement they gave her oxycontin, but she was so paranoid about taking it we got an alternate prescription instead. (Believe me, had she asked the prescribing doctor [sic] at the rehab place for heroin or fentanyl, he would have given it to her without a second thought.) She was still reluctant to take anything strong for just that fear, yet idiot doctors are giving very strong drugs for even minor pain.

Deb said...

Beyond scary! I just hope I am never in the kind of pain that requires an opioid painkiller.

Dan said...

I come from the other side of the question: My late wife was in near constant pain from a botched surgery for Scoliosis back in the 1960s, and we had to struggle with the Insurance Companies to get the medication she needed to function (i.e. hold down a job and keep us solvent.)

You may recall I work for a Charity taking elderly & disabled folks to medical appointments, and lately it seems like a LOT of them need to see the Dr. twice as often to get meds for Arthritis and other problems... putting a strain on their budgets because office calls ain't free.

While I wouldn't deny the problem, I just wish we could strike a balance for those who really need these things.... and don't tell me they should try Meditation and Aromatherapy!