Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Carrie Fisher and Me

Like everyone else, I'm saddened by the death of Carrie Fisher.  Judy, Angela, Allen, and I went to see Star Wars the day it opened in Brownwood, Texas, where we were living at the time.  A few days later Angela, Allen, and I all got Star Wars t-shirts.  I still have mine.  Carrie Fisher was a big part of the movie's success.  She was the very best kind of princess.  She was smart, good with a blaster, and didn't take crap from anybody. 

I never met Carrie Fisher, but there is a connection, however tenuous it might be.  I never met her, but I did meet one of the men she (allegedly) had a romantic fling with.  In the movie version of Postcards from the Edge, he's played by Dennis Quaid.

The man that she (allegedly) had a fling with is a writer, and Judy and I met him at a conference a year or so before the movie came out.  Judy once told me that he (the writer) was "the best-looking man I ever saw in person."  I said, "You mean besides me."

Now I have to tell you something you might not know about Judy, even if you knew her fairly well.  Judy never lied.  Ever.  She was probably capable of it, but she told me that she would never do it, not for any reason.  So when I said, "You mean besides me," she said, "No. He's the best-looking man I ever saw in person."

I sulked around covertly for a day or so, but I got over it.  After all, he was a pretty good-looking guy.  Even better-looking than Dennis Quaid.

And that's my Carrie Fisher connection.


Deb said...

I'd love to know who that guy was!

/Just for academic purposes, of course.

Unknown said...

Ask me if you see me again, and I'll tell you.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Ditto. Love the Judy story.

Jerry House said...

I'm going to rule out Truman Capote.

Cap'n Bob said...

Modesty forbids me from commenting here.

Dan said...

She was before my time but I remember my grandparents talking about how much they loved STAR WARS when they were kids.