Sunday, December 25, 2016


Edison Marshall, The Infinite Woman, Dell, 1953


Mike Stamm said...

When I was much younger I read every Edison Marshall book I could find, starting with CARAVAN TO XANADU, usually multiple times, with THE VIKING (basis for the Kirk Douglas/Tony Curtis movie) a favorite. (The '60s Avon paperbacks, and at least one earlier one, had James Bama covers.) It has been decades since I read most of them, but his EARTH GIANT--a re-imagining of the tale of Heracles--is on my favorites shelf to this day.

Don Coffin said...

Born in Rensselaer, Indiana! According to Wikipedia, served in WW1, despite having lost the thumb on his left hand.

Todd Mason said...

Mike Stamm: THE VIKINGS is a Janet Leigh film. It is impossible for me to see it in any other light.