Thursday, December 29, 2016

Carleton Carpenter

The death of Debbie Reynolds made me think of "Aba Daba Honeymoon," which also made me think of Carleton Carpenter, which led me to look for him on the internet.  I'm happy to report that he's still alive and that he even published a memoir (The Absolute Joy of Work) in 2016.   So now I suppose I'll have to head for the bookcase and pull down a copy of one of his mystery novels and read it.


Anonymous said...

Now I have to go find his memoir. Must buy more bookcases.

Also, I had forgotten about the Capri pants in Aba-daba honeymoon. Very odd.


Don Coffin said...

So I went to ABE to see what I could find, and this is the first thing to turn up:
Experiments in Modern-Life Chemistry (1937)

Not by Carleton Carpenter. By Robert Carleton and Floyd Carpenter.

Not much by the real CC available, except the memoir.