Friday, July 15, 2016

What are students reading this summer

What are students reading this summer


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

What are students reading this summer?

Their smartphone screens, for the next Pokemon sighting.

Deb said...

I guess women don't write books, huh?

The twins are about to be college freshmen. One has already received a reading assignment: SOLDIER GIRLS by Helen Thorpe:

Don Coffin said...

Or not reading, as the case may be. I think I'm glad I got out of elementary school and high school before the advent of "required" summer reading...left me to find my own reading matter during the summer...which I did to the tune of 4-6 books a week most summers. (Although I have read 4 of those. I was surprised that there was no non-fiction, though.)

And Deb's completely right.