Friday, July 15, 2016

Facsimile Editions

Fer-De-Lance by Rex StoutAbeBooks: Facsimile Editions: Have you ever really wanted a rare book for your collection but the price is too high?  Why not go for a facsimile edition?  A facsimile edition is when a publisher recreates, with perfect detail, a particular publication.  These editions are usually published in limited quantity and can be a fantastic option for collectors who wish to own memorable and beautiful books but cannot stretch to the original edition.


Don Coffin said...

I have the facsimile edition of Fer-de-Lance...and it fell apart within a year, which irritated me beyond the bounds of tolerance...also the facsimile of The Maltese Falcon (same publisher, I believe), and it's not in great shape, either.

Cap'n Bob said...

I knew a guy who had facsimile twenty dollar bills. He's doing time in prison, now.

Tom Johnson said...

I think I ended up with some of those twenties, Cap'n Bob. LOL