Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guy Clark, R. I. P.

Guy Clark dead at 74: Guy Charles Clark, the gravel-voiced troubadour who crafted a vast catalog of emotionally charged, intricately detailed works that illuminated and expanded the literary possibilities of popular song, died in Nashville Tuesday morning after a long illness.


Deb said...

Also: http://m.newser.com/story/225240/man-behind-worlds-most-famous-ad-dead-at-89.html

August West said...

He turned me into a big fan when I first heard his song "Let Him Roll."

Don Coffin said...

"Guy Clark will be badly missed. He maybe wasn’t quite the level of titanic talent as people like Merle Haggard, David Bowie, and Prince, but in a regular year, the loss of Guy Clark would just about be the worst musical loss we could imagine."


Jeff Meyerson said...

Jimmy Buffett covered his "Boats to Build."