Wednesday, May 18, 2016

“Ballet, Law, and Mystery” (by V.S. Kemanis)

“Ballet, Law, and Mystery” (by V.S. Kemanis) | SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN: V.S. Kemanis’s first story for EQMM appeared in our September/October 2013 issue. At that time she was already the author of many published short stories and the first novel in her Dana Hargrove legal-mystery series had appeared to strong reviews. Her third Hargrove novel, Forsaken Oath, was released this past spring. The series was inspired by her own career as a lawyer. She is also a ballet dancer en pointe, however, and she drew upon her dance experience for her upcoming EQMM story, “Journal Entry, Franklin DeWitt,” which will appear in the August 2016 issue. For this new post, she has creatively fused her experiences as writer, lawyer, and dancer.—Janet Hutchings

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