Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stark House Strikes Again

Stark house is best known for its great double-novel reprints of classic paperbacks.  Now they're starting to publish regular-sized paperbacks, starting with a reprint of one of the very first Gold Medal books.  Great stuff!

STARK HOUSE PRESS: John Gearon, better known to readers as John Flagg, was born in 1885 in Chicago, Illinois, and educated in Englewood, New Jersey. Leaving school in his senior year, he travelled throughout Europe and the Near East. He became a radio script writer for the Office of the Coordinator for Inter-American Affairs, later working in a literary agency and as a journalist. With Louis Bromfield, Gearon co-wrote a Broadway play set in Paris in 1935. He published his first novel, The Velvet Well, in 1946—filmed by Jacques Deray in 1978 as A Butterfly on the Shoulder—followed by a series of thrillers for Gold Medal Books in the 1950s under the name John Flagg. These include six books featuring post-war agent, Hart Muldoon. Gearon died in 1970.

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