Tuesday, June 23, 2015

An epic history of the movie trailer

An epic history of the movie trailer   

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Dan said...

My favorite Trailer story has to do with a banal little Doris Day film called CAPRICE(1967). In one scene a bikini-clad girl (NOT Doris!) dives into her pool and we see the bottom of her swim suit slide down almost to the curve of her butt. Hey, this was a big deal in '67. The Censors told the producers to cut that out of the film, which they did, but they put it in the trailer.

The producers also filed an appeal, pointing out that fully bare butts were on display in ZORBA THE GREEK, and asked them to justify it. The Censors responded that the butts in ZORBA were Men's butts and therefore not sexy -- and therefore did not appeal to the prurient interest.

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