Friday, July 11, 2014

Gabriel Hunt Update from Charles Ardai

Some of you will recall that in 2009, flush with the success of Hard Case Crime in the mystery genre, we launched another series, this time in the genre of high adventure – the sort of two-fisted, action-packed yarn popularized by authors like H. Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, pulp heroes like Doc Savage, and movie heroes like Indiana Jones. The first few books in the series did very nicely, with the debut title (James Reasoner’s HUNT AT THE WELL OF ETERNITY) even getting selected as one of the best books of the year by Publishers Weekly. But the line was a victim of terrible timing, as our publishing partner on the project, Dorchester Publishing, went into very public death throes in 2010. The result was that the fifth book in the series barely made it out to stores – and the sixth and final volume, HUNT THROUGH NAPOLEON’S WEB by acclaimed suspense novelist Raymond Benson, never shipped to stores at all!

Well. I’m very pleased to announce that five years later we’re bringing the Gabriel Hunt adventure novels back – including the never-available-in-stores final volume, which will receive its first proper publication ever this August. (The first four Hunt titles are back in stores now, having been reissued one per month starting in April, and the very rare fifth volume hits stores on July 29.) 

We’re very proud of these books, which are meant to be the prose equivalent of adventure movies, all adrenaline and velocity, thrills and peril and breathless escapes, a summer’s worth of perfect summer reads. If you’d didn’t read them the first time around and would like to sample one now (or all of them!), let me know. And if, having sampled them, you find your heart racing and your hand reaching for the nearest popcorn bucket, I hope you’ll take a moment to let your readers know about the books first.  You can find them at your favorite local store or online bookseller, and fans of this sort of fiction will gobble them up. 


Unknown said...

I just bought one of the Gabriel Hunt books brand new for $1.25 at Dollar General. Many Leisure Books and some Hard Case Crime books have shown up at Dollar General stores also,

Unknown said...

I used to check out their paperback racks often. Maybe I should go back.

Gerard said...

I really like this series. I hope Ardai commissions some new ones. I was glad to hear that 4 and 5 were coming back and ordered them a month or two back.