Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Overlooked Movies: Blackbead the Pirate

This may not be the best pirate movie ever, but it does have the best pirate.  There can be no dissent about this.  Robert Newton (Arrrrrrrr!) defines pirate as Blackbeard. If you don't believe me, just check out the trailer.  Keith Andes is okay as the hero, but he's terrific in the sword fights, which are some of the best in any pirate film. Texas beauty Linda Darnell is just fine in her decorative role as the governor's kidnapped daughter, and William Bendix is in Chester A. Riley mode as the comic relief.  Torin Thatcher is the "reformed" Sir Henry Morgan (come on, would a Torin Thatcher character ever reform?). And there's Technicolor. And sea battles. Did I mention the sword fights? Who could ask for more?  Oh, a great story?  Well, you can't have everything. There's so much to recommend this movie that a great story isn't necessary. It's a good story, and you won't care that it's not great.  Trust me.


kalaity.com said...

Newton rules!

George said...

Newton rules, indeed! You are the Go-To Guy on pirate movies!

Anonymous said...

I never saw this one but I am totally with you on Robert Newton.



Bud said...

A great character actor all round !