Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Today for Kindle

The Affair of the Wooden Boy (A Mina and James Stark Investigation)The Affair of the Wooden Boy (A Mina and James Stark Investigation): Ian Doyle: Kindle Store: In Drummond, James Stark and his pretty wife Mina run a discreet inquiry agency and are used to laying their lives on the line to see that justice and the truth prevail. The city is rife with dark creatures, great monsters and men who are beasts, and fantastical foes live in the shadows, waiting for victims. 

When a puppet knocks on their door in the dead of night claiming to be a real boy who has had his body stolen through black arts, James takes up his pistol and sets out to balance the scales. Mina accompanies her husband as they investigate the dangerous affair of the wooden boy.


Anonymous said...

OK, the Pinnochio thing sold me.


Scott Cupp said...

This was my forgotten book several months ago. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think it had another title STEALING SOULS but it is the same.