Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 Creatures in Scandinavian Folklore

10 Creatures in Scandinavian Folklore


Anders E said...

10) I've never heard the word "Tallemaja" before, and I've been Swedish for about half a century by now. It's "Huldra" here as well.

9) "Nisser" is the (Norwegian) plural form of "Nisse". Which also happens to be the informal version of the name "Nils" (sorta like James/Jim). Of which I know quite a few. None of them look like that.

8) John Bauer illustration. Great!

6) In Swedish: Näcken. It has even formed a verb; näcka = to be naked, even where it might be improper. Yes, we do have a particular verb for that activity.

5) ogres, basically

4) never heard of it as a being. As an abstract entity, yes, but not as a being.

3) see 6) I think us nordics may have got things mixed up a bit. The Norwegians are wrong, of course. As usual.

Never heard of 1) or 2) "Kraken" in Swedish would refer to a person a person who is particularly pitiful, i.e. pathetic.

Darn, Bill, you just knew I'd bite, didn't you?

Bill Crider said...

I was hoping you couldn't resist.