Friday, October 19, 2012

Roland Dirge's Lenore -- Swirlies

Lenore is, well, I guess you'd call her a zombie.  She's a little undead girl with several odd companions, and she goes around wreaking havoc without really intending to.  For example, you'd never want to invite her to your birfday party, not after reading the first adventure in this book, because hardly anyone who was alive when it started is that way when it ends.  Lenore has fun, but the live kids don't. 

I wasn't aware of Lenore until I received this new book for review, but it turns out that she has quite a following on YouTube, so you can click here for an example of Lenore in animated form.  That will give you a good idea of the quirky art and stories you'll encounter in the book. You'll also meet her vampire companion, Ragamuffin, who's not like any other vampire you've seen, I'm pretty sure.

Quirky?  Yes.  Macabre?  Yes.  Totally weird?  Absolutely.  I had a great time with Swirlies.  


Anonymous said...

A vampire companion called Ragamuffin? Sounds like a fun story!

Anonymous said...

I looked at the first one on youtube - The New Toy - and it is dark indeed.