Friday, October 19, 2012

Mike Hammer Update

Warner Bros Resurrects Mickey Spillane's Tough Guy Mike Hammer In Feature Deal


Randy Johnson said...

If Collins is involved and his any sort of control, keeping my fingers crossed, this might be good. I like the idea of a period piece and not a modern day Hammer.

Brian Drake said...

Here's another vote for staying in period, but one thing that I notice when reading Hammer is that the stories are still contemporary today, so a modern setting would work (as was done with Armand Assante's flawed but entertaining take on the character). There's a lot they could do with a post-war Hammer if they want to expand on the war vet theme Spillane only flirted with, which would also fit today if they do decide to update. Anyway this will be one to watch for!

I just hope they cast the right actor and not some skinny short dude with good hair.