Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AbeBooks: Akashic Noir series

Brooklyn Noir from Akashic BooksAbeBooks: Akashic Noir series: There's been a murder at a Mumbai spice market, the corpse's fingers sunset-stained with turmeric and saffron. A grisly discovery on a Copenhagen beach sends Danish police scurrying for answers. 

A woman with eyes like warnings and a terrible secret walks into a Pittsburgh P.I.'s office and won't be denied... If you love the grit, grime and sultry sweat of a good piece of noir fiction, the Akashic Noir series is for you. Akashic Books is an independent publisher based in Brooklyn, and begun by musician Johnny Temple, the former bassist for long-running post-hardcore band Girls Against Boys. Temple founded Akashic Books in 1996, with the goal of publishing shining writing stars who might otherwise go overlooked, particularly in the arenas of urban literary fiction and political non-fiction.

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Anonymous said...

I've read a dozen of these books (not just the Brooklyn ones!) and, while uneven, they are definitely worth your time.