Saturday, June 02, 2012

Today's Vintage Ad

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Ed Gorman said...

Holy Shite. When you look down at the bottom of that advert you see "The Three Musketeers With (Cedar Rapids' own) Don Ameche and The Ritz Brothers." When I was six or seven I remember seeing a Ritz Bros. movie and feeling sorry for them because they were so bad. I had strange reactions to movies. Laurel & Hardy as much as I liked them always depressed me because their luck always ran so bad. They were like the working men in all the neighborhoods we lived in after the war, including my father. Always trying but never succeeding. Ralph Cramden came from this trope. But the Ritz Brothers..they were supposed to b the D version of the Marx Brothers but they were actually much closer to the Three Stooges in spirit...but not in talent or cosmic frustration. There was no resonance in their work. As I got older I started wondering how the hell they ever got work. They were embarrassing.