Saturday, June 02, 2012

7 Celebrities Who Invented Amazing Things on the Side

7 Celebrities Who Invented Amazing Things on the Side


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this is stupid beyond all understanding. Julius Caesar invented the combover is their idea of an "amazing invention"?

If there was one truly "amazing invention" I was sure would be here (of course it wasn't) it was Paul Winchell's artificial heart:

Winchell developed over 30 patents in his lifetime. He invented an artificial heart with the assistance of Dr. Henry Heimlich, the inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver, and held the first patent for such a device. The University of Utah developed a similar apparatus around the same time, but when they tried to patent it, Winchell's heart was cited as prior art. The university requested that Winchell donate the heart to the University of Utah, which he did.

There is some debate as to how much of Winchell's design Dr. Robert Jarvik used in creating Jarvik's artificial heart. Dr. Heimlich states, "I saw the heart, I saw the patent and I saw the letters. The basic principle used in Winchell's heart and Jarvik's heart is exactly the same."[9] Jarvik denies that any of Winchell's design elements were incorporated into the device he fabricated for humans — the Jarvik-7, which was successfully implanted into Barney Clark in 1982.[1][10]


Bill Crider said...

There were two that I was sure would be there. One was Winchell's and the other was the one they have at #1.