Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sort of Makes me Want to See It

Now I Know Archives: Typical thriller fare.

Typical, except that — excluding some penny-ante films made for a few thousand dollars – Zyzzyx Road is the lowest grossing movie in history, netting a whopping $20.


Anonymous said...

Tom Sizemore and long-time friend Peter Walton, who worked as Sizemore's assistant, were arrested during the film's production for repeatedly failing drug tests while on probation. Police discovered that Walton had a warrant out for his arrest for child pornography distribution and was subsequently jailed. Sizemore was not jailed, however, making it possible for him to film his scenes.

Apparently this was topped (bottomed?) by The Worst Movie Ever! which sounds even more worth seeing:

According to its movie summary the film includes, among other things: robot aliens, angst-ridden teens, cleavage-wielding soul takers, dark overlords, cross-dressing retards, pregnant 14-year-old cougars, macho scientists, and Santa Claus.


PS - Sizemore has had an occasional recurring role as a cop on the new HAWAII FIVE-O.

Deb said...

And an even-more recurring role as a drug-fueled rage-a-holic in real life.