Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way Austin: A Central Texas pastor is being accused of throwing a neighbor's cat off of a bridge.

Rick Bartlett, pastor of the Bastrop Christian Church, is facing animal cruelty charges. Bastrop Police Chief Michael Black said Bartlett admitted that he caught the cat, named Moody, in a trap on Sunday, Jan. 15. Bartlett told them that he was having a problem with feral cats in his garden.


Deb said...

Bill, I've said it before and I'll say it again, you really need a "A Prince Among Men" heading. This guy would really fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

Some people have called the Bastrop Christian Church, and spoke with someone named "Ann" who says they are backing their pastor 100%, and that its just business as usual at the church, just like no one cares. I have heard some of them say "he is only a man, and he just made a mistake". Starving and abusing an animal and then discarding it like a piece of trash is more than just a mistake, its not like it was an accident. I guess all criminals could say they just made a mistake when they get caught.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this man should be able to lead the Bastrop Christian Church anymore. Maybe Moody's death happened so that this pastor could be shown for who he really is. We have found that many, many cats have gone missing in our neighborhood, Riverside Grove, since Pastor Rick Bartlett moved here a couple of years ago. These animals were not found hit by a car, not found at all, they just disappeared. There are many people who believe this is not a first time incident with Rick Bartlett, but only the first time he was caught. Maybe God does not want this man leading a church. Has any of his congregation thought of that? Things happen for a reason, and we must pay attention when God allows light to be shed on things like this. Do not just dismiss this as an accident or a mistake, it may be a direct message from our higher power. Get this man out of your church, he is poisoning you, and God is doing his best to reveal the true ways of this man! Things happen for a reason. This congregation needs to elect another pastor, and strengthen their church through leaders who true to their faith. People listen - God is trying to tell you something!