Sunday, January 22, 2012

10 Great Debut Performances by Non-Actors

10 Great Debut Performances by Non-Actors


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I am not drinking the critical darling Steven Soderbergh's Kool-Aid - and judging from the box office and exit polls (D-plus) neither is the public.

Gina shouldn't quit her day job.


Fred Blosser said...

I haven't seen HAYWIRE, but it sounds like the same impulse in casting that led Tarantino to star Uma Thurman's stunt double Zoe in DEATH PROOF; maybe it's me, but I thought Zoe was not only a terrible actress (pretty amazing, considering she was playing a movie stunt woman), but supremely obnoxious as well.

Fred Dalton Thompson debuted in MARIE in 1985 playing himself, or rather himself as he had been eight years before as a semi-celebrity Tennessee attorney. He was pretty convincing as himself in the movie, not so convincing as a candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008, and downright embarrassing now as a TV pitchman for some reverse-mortgage company.

Cap'n Bob said...

Chief Dan George in Little Big Man.