Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Laurie's Wild West Has a Contest


Here's the scoop.

1. We will have one contest a week for four weeks, beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, September 14. Each Wednesday for four weeks, I am going to talk about one of the stories in RIDING THE PULP TRAIL. Your job is to, using the words in the story's title as a clue, go over to the OutWest Western Boutique and Cultural Center website and look for the item relating to the title.

For example, if the story was called "Cat From Over the Pass," you would go over to OutWest and look for products that are cat-related. You may also want to look for products with the word "pass" in them. (We don't want to make it TOO easy for you.) When you find the correct item, there will be a notation that you have found the correct item. Once you have found the item, go to Powerspulpwriter@gmail.com and submit your entry. Your entry should include:

1. The name of the item and number
2. Your name and mailing address

You will have until the Friday of that week, midnight Pacific time, to submit your entry. All names submitted will be put into a random drawing and a name picked over the weekend. The winner announced over the weekend.

Different prizes will be awarded each week. Some prizes will be copies of RIDING THE PULP TRAIL; others will be the item that you find on the OutWest website.

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