Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bouchercon Bound

Judy and I are on the way to St. Louis to attend the annual Bouchercon. We attended our first one in 1980, and ever since we've tried to be there. We've missed several, and we've always regretted it. Now that I'm getting geezerly, it's harder for me to make up my mind to travel, and I wonder how much longer I can keep doing it. Still, I'd sure hate to miss Bouchercon.

The blog will continue in my absence with all the usual features plus some of the usual nutty lists and such. If I have time, I'll post some stuff from St. Louis. I'll be on a couple of panels there, and I'll be going to the PWA banquet. I'll also be doing a couple of extra signings in the dealers' room on Saturday. I'll bet at the Crimespree table at noon and at the Black Dogs Books table at 1:00. Stop by so I won't feel lonely and alone.

We're coming back on Monday, and I'm sure our cats will be tired of the cat-sitter by then and be overjoyed to see us.


Kevin R. Tipple said...

Wish I was going with you. Travel safe and have fun!

Anonymous said...

You both have a great time! I know you will. We wish we could be there!

Jody said...

It was great to see you at Bouchercon! Hope you had a great time.

Unknown said...

Good to see you, too. Had a great time.

Peter Rozovsky said...

Nice to slosh the cholesterol around with you at the Anthonys brunch.
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