Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Croc Update (Will the Persecution Never End Edition)

Box office: 'Creature' isn't the only crocodile-related box-office bomb | Inside Movies | EW.com: If you’re a crocodile hoping to make some money at the box office, you better grab a safari hat and add a “Dundee” to the end of your name because chances are, audiences won’t want to see you otherwise.
As you may have heard, Creature, a schlocky B-movie about a half-gator, half-human monster, utterly bombed at the box office this weekend, swamping up a disastrous $327,000 from 1,507 theaters. That opening, which ranks as the worst-ever debut for a film playing in more than 1,500 theaters, means that each screening of Creature had an average of fewer than six viewers. No matter you look at it, that number bites.

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