Tuesday, November 23, 2010

World's First Rock-and-Roll Song

World's First Rock-and-Roll Song Identified : Discovery News

I once read a whole book on this topic. I think the conclusion was different.
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Graham Powell said...

I dunno. I always heard "Rock Around the Clock" until Ike Turner passed away, when many said "Rocket 88" was the first. In either case, I can't speak from first-hand knowledge!

Bill Crider said...

Even I don't go back that far!

Mike Dennis said...

I always thought GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT (1947) by Roy Brown was the first rock & roll song. Brown, a gospel/blues singer clicked with the song as it fit his shouting style. And for my money, it set the table for the upheaval that was to follow.

But I have to admit, hearing THAT'S ALL RIGHT and seeing that it was released in 1946 has made me a believer.

I also was fascinated by the history of the phrase "rock & roll". I didn't know it predated the black euphemism for sex. Especially compelling was the country (!!!) song ROCKIN' ROLLIN' MAMA from 1939!

Bill Crider said...

I can remember my parents making sly remarks about some of those R&B songs back when I was a kid.