Sunday, November 21, 2010

Actors in Unlikely Movie Jobs

Actors in Unlikely Movie Jobs - The Daily Beast

No matter what they say, I maintain that Denise Richards was entirely convincing as a nuclear physicist and deserved an Oscar™ for her work.


Randy Johnson said...
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Randy Johnson said...

She certainly convinced me she was a starship pilot in STARSHIP TROOPERS. Made an otherwise routine movie tolerable.

Anonymous said... mean Denise really wasn't a nuclear physicist?

I'm stunned.


Deb said...

The understatement of the century was one critic who said that Denise Richards's portrayal of a nuclear physicist "strained credulity somewhat."

Yeah, somewhat.

Unknown said...

Jeff and I were totally convinced.

Todd Mason said...

She was both better adn better-employed in WILD THINGS...and the Oscar has certainly been given to worse beneficiaries.