Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ingrid Pitt, R. I. P.

Queen of Hammer Horror Ingrid Pitt Passes Away Aged 73 - HorrorMovies.ca: "Ingrid Pitt, the actress that starred in many Hammer Horror films such as Countess Dracula has unfortunately passed away aged 73. She collapsed a few days ago and was taken to a hospital in South London, sadly that is where she passed away"


Toby O'B said...

I know her from her two 'Doctor Who' roles, and "Where Eagles Dare".

But with her connection to the Hammer genre films, the same question came to me that I always planned on asking when (if) Christopher Lee died - "How do you know she's really dead...?"

I'm a baaaaaad boy.....

Todd Mason said...

1. There is no Ingrid Pitt photo not featuring some sort of cleavage.

2. Even the "moderate safe" search on Google Images turns up a selection of nudes at first pass.

3. I can't say either of these things is a bad thing. And she was talented, as well.

wv: pingit Thank you, I just might.