Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Comment Department

Curiosity is banned at Westfield High: "What did surprise some Westfield students and their parents was a sheet titled 'Expectations of Integrity' included in the materials handed out by the three AP World History teachers. Their No. 1 rule discouraged random outbreaks of curiosity . . . ."


Jerry House said...

There are no dead cats at Westfield High.

wp: wiveless

Gerard said...

Parents did not react immediately. It took a while to find the handout in the messes on their dining room tables.

You got that right.

Richard R. said...

I guess this is Defense Against Technological Arts, but it seems excessive to me. More and more, I feel fortunate to have been in school in simpler, less technological times, when we simply read books and newspapers, consulted the encyclopedia if there was one at home or the one in the school library (do they even have school libraries any more?).

Seems to me knowledge at your fingertips can easily mean no knowledge at all in the brain.