Monday, October 18, 2010

The Caretaker of Lorne Field -- David Zeltserman

Can a man save the world every day simply by doing his duty, no matter how onerous that duty is and no matter what other people may think of him? Jack Durkin has been weeding Lorne Field every day of his adult life. The first-born sons in his family have done this for generations. Jack has a 300-year-old contract to prove it. He believes he's not pulling weeds but Aukowies, monsters that will destroy the earth if they aren't pulled from the soil and burned every day. People of the town used to believe it, too, and Durkin receives $8000 a year while living rent-free in an old house. His wife wants a better life, and his oldest son thinks his father's crazy. He's not the only one.

Things to from bad to worse for Jack, but he continues to do his job. Is he really crazy, or are the Aukowies real? I'm not telling, so do yourself a favor and find out for yourself by reading this gripping, intense novel.

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