Thursday, March 04, 2010

Should I Trust These People to Fix My Car?


Anonymous said...

That depends.

First, do you own an Avalon?



Or maybe I should have said, "No," he hissed.

Unknown said...

I do have an Avalon, but maybe proper word usage isn't a factor when it comes to fixing an accelerator problem.

Terrill Lee Lankford said...


Give them a break. They're from out of town.

Richard Robinson said...

Here's a little flow chart for you, Bill.

1) Do you own a Toyota Automobile?
Yes, continue, No, stop.

2) Is the letter from Toyota U.S.A.?
Yes continue, No, stop.

3) Is the letter from Toyota dealer?
Yes call to verify the car is under recall, No, go back to blogging.

That was fun. Thanksss, he hissed.

Dan said...

Take it in, and rotsa ruck to ya.

Todd Mason said...

Your Avalon came into existence back when because of the recall now. Neat trick!