Saturday, March 06, 2010

eBay Deal of the Day

Extremely rare 45 rpm recording.

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

And here I expected it to involve a certain heiress. Considering I never heard of any of the songs involved, the only possible answer is, "who cares?"

Maybe he needs to go back to the guy who wanted it 41 years ago.


Laurie Powers said...

Well at least he's offering free shipping. I wouldn't consider it otherwise.

Deb said...

Jeez, even the Beatles' "Yesterday and Today" with its original bloody baby dolls cover doesn't quite command $85,000. I think the seller is going to get his feelings hurt--not to mention his dream of funding his retirement through one mispressed 45.

As for "Fox on the Run," didn't another group do that in the early 1970s? (Sweet, maybe?) And Paul McCartney had a song called "Too Many People," but I doubt it's the same as Manfred Mann's.

Unknown said...

Tom T. Hall had a song called "Fox on the Run," which I'm sure wasn't the same one.

Stephen B said...

Hmm - yes, I would ask:

Is this just that the LABEL is on the wrong disc? Or a real, mis-press of an item with a b-side or track that is the wrong group but the correct song is on one side?

Some rare records are just listed tooooo high for Ebay sales, but you never know when something will get a bid or buyer...

Stephen B said...

I guess it does have the right band (but not on the a-side). Could be worth a couple hundred dollars or more - my guess?

Todd Mason said... Laurie said, free shipping...which, from Australia, these days will cost about $45K.

If this sells, it's time i dug out my paperback copy of King's MISERY with its uncolored raised-print cover, A RARE PRINTER'S ERROR SURELY WORTH at least twelve or eight, or I mean 60K, dollars US...or was that more like half the unprinted cover price?

wv: pockwit That might be my favorite wv neologism so far.

Jerry House said...

I wouldn't go a penny over $84,000.