Monday, March 01, 2010

5 Banned Games

Dangerous Toys - 5 Banned Games - Popular Mechanics

I particularly like the Atomic Energy Lab.


Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I'd had the atomic lab! I did have a spinthariscope, a little plastic radium-containing gizmo that came with my Gilbert chemistry set. And I built the Revell Westinghouse nuclear plant model (which I find listed for $850 new in sealed box). Now all I've got is garden-variety radioactive smoke alarms like everybody else.
Art Scott

Unknown said...

I had a chemistry set, but I think there were various versions of it. I had the cheap one. As for models, I was all thumbs. Couldn't build a decent one to save my life.

Todd Mason said...

And it's not as if lawn darts were Much (if any) more dangerous than horseshoes...lawn darts were less likely to hook on one's fingers and fly wild upn release, for example.

My own favorite banned toys weren't dangerous so much as in bad taste...a series of moving-part plastic models that were set in a movie-inspired torture chamber, no doubt created to horn in on Aurora's monster models and its market. I got mine as a prize in day camp. We also drank a lot of Sweet'n'Low-brand soda.