Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tereska Torres Speaks Out

Tereska Torres: The reluctant queen of lesbian literature -
Features, Books - The Independent
: "'I look on the internet and I learn that I am the literary queen of the lesbians, the person who wrote the first lesbian, erotic pulp novel. I hate it. I hate it,' Ms Torres said. 'If you look at Women's Barracks, there are five main characters. Only one and a half of them can be considered a lesbian.'

Sixty years after she wrote Women's Barracks, Ms Torres has almost completed a rewrite. The new version, to be published in France later this year, will, she says, be 'a more serious, more complete, better rounded book'. It will have a 'new character'– the British capital itself and how it responded 'with exemplary courage' to the Blitz."

Hat tip to Sarah Weinman.


Richard Robinson said...

Revisionist baloney.

Todd Mason said...

Yes, I'd say there are at least three women ahead of Torres for that title, misapplied as "pulp" in that case might be, not least Ms. Meaker.