Sunday, February 07, 2010

Return of the Cavemen

US 'cavemen' seek raw truth: "Vlad Averbukh says he'll need a napkin at lunch. 'It could be bloody.' What he doesn't require is a fork.

A follower of America's 'paleo diet,' or simply 'the caveman lifestyle,' New Yorker Averbukh does things the old-fashioned way.

'A lot of folks might find this unpalatable. But to me it tastes good,' he says, lifting an uncooked cut of beef the size of a book.

Chomping on the raw meat in a small park by the Hudson River, Averbukh, a 29-year-old website manager, explains how paleo dieters are trying to turn mankind's clock back to the Paleolithic Era."

Photo at the link. I recommend reading the whole article.


Don Wiss said...

Vlad follows a raw version of the paleo diet. Most paleo people allow cooking. There are many variations on the paleo diet. I list them here:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link!