Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Comment Department

The Buzz Log - Novel Idea: Cell-Phone Books - Yahoo! Buzz: "The new type of storytelling is called 'keitai' — cell-phone novels. Aimed squarely at those who can't be parted from their mobiles, teens —mostly young women readers and writers — have turned the cell-phone story into the must-read phone book.
[. . . .]
The Jane Austen of the text-u-scripts is a 15-year-old who goes by the handle Bunny. Her three-volume book 'Wolf Boy x Natural Girl' got its start on cell screens but ended up in print. She has sold a whopping 110,000 books so far and raked in over $600,000 in sales. Not bad for a first-time author who hasn't even taken her high-school entrance exams. The Harlequin-style romance that reads more like notes passed in class has embarrassed the author enough that she continues to go by her alias."


Cap'n Bob said...
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Cap'n Bob said...

I could just scream.

Fred Blosser said...

If I had any sense, I'd figure out the technology and write one about teenage vampires.