Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Brother accused of nearly severing brother's ear during bean fight - 2/09/10 - Houston News - "A fight over a pot of beans ends with a man nearly severing his brother's ear, authorities say.

According to the Brazoria County Sheriff's Department, Larry Williams, 62, was making a pot of beans for breakfast Saturday morning when his brother, Kenneth Williams, began arguing with him over his cooking methods. Kenneth reportedly said he wasn't going to eat the beans, angering Larry.

The Williams brothers then reportedly began fighting over the food and other family matters when Larry grabbed the knife he was cooking with, stabbed his brother in the head and ended up nearly severing Kenneth's ear."


Karin M said...

Do a lot of Texans eat beans for breakfast, Bill?

Unknown said...

Not a my house, but Rosharon, where this happened, is only a few miles away.