Saturday, February 13, 2010

Horace Greasley, R. I. P.

This is a great story. Click the link and read it all.

Horace Greasley - Telegraph: "Horace Greasley, who died on February 4 aged 91, claimed a record unique among Second World War PoWs – that of escaping from his camp more than 200 times only to creep back into captivity each time.
[. . . .]
The reason for the frequency with which Greasley put his life in danger, he admitted with engaging good humour and frankness, was simple: he had embarked on a romance with a local German girl. Rosa Rauchbach was, if anything, running even greater risks than Greasley."


Nik Morton said...

It's a great read (from the same publisher of my thrillers). Sadly, Horace was scheduled this year to travel back to the camp with a UK TV crew (and pretty nurse) but it was not to be. It's wonderful that he was able to tell his story before shifting off this mortal coil to join his first love.

Anonymous said...

A truly incredible book and very inspirational. Horace's story was confirmed by MI6 only recently and is billed as the greatest WWII story never told. Soon to be the subject of a UK Channel 5 documentary and almost certainly a movie in the making. It is rumoured that Ron Howard is currently reading 'Do The Birds Still Sing In Hell.'

Unknown said...

Clearly I need to read this.