Monday, January 18, 2010

No Comment Department

Boom in Avatar names for kiddies | The Sun |News: "MOVIE fans are rushing to name their babies after characters in sci-fi smash Avatar.

Choices include Neytiri - after the film's Na'vi warrior-princess - and giant flying creature Toruk.

Another favourite is Pandora, name of the blockbuster flick's fictional planet."


Anonymous said...

There's only one comment:

People are morons.


And check out a favorite website:

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing for some more bad parental choices.

Unknown said...

That's a great site.

Ed Gorman said...

Jeeze and I thought hippie names like Rainbow Love were moronic. At least you could pronounce them.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Well allow me to comment:

What the f*@k are people thinking?!?!

Oh wait, I answered my own question.